Friday, March 30, 2012

Still Poor

Well I did not win the mega millions but damn I had fun fantasizing what I would do if I did win. Realistically right now my life is in such a financial mess the first thing I would do is save my house.  Unfortunately I have about 30 days to come up with roughly 2600.00 bucks and well that's not happening.  So I have to figure something out and fast for my family. The job I had to leave in December to take care of mom called today. I go in Monday to speak to them about a new job opening.  I have to go through the whole hiring process again. While this is great news, I wonder how I am going to pack up my house and move etc. My DH is not good at taking care of much due to his health issues and my 19 year old daughter has major laziness syndrome. Sigh, so much going through this head of mine.
I don't want to be RICH, I just want to be able to pay mu bills, live a modest but comfortable life and be able to splurge now and than on dinner and maybe a vacation once a year. Is that really to much to ask?
My granddaughters 1st birthday is in 2 weeks. I feel horrible that I could not pitch in to help. I'll be lucky to show up with a gift. Oh and then there is Easter. I am going to let everyone down.
I'll stop with the depressing post! Good night