Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wow its been a while

I am so sorry that I have been MIA. It is so hard for me to write when all I really have to write about is negative stuff. I have decided that no matter what good or bad, I need to share how I am feeling. Maybe someone else has a good solution. In March I quit my job on my doctors orders. She felt that I needed to get some treatment and some meds to be able to work anywhere again. I has spent so much time depressed and having anxiety attacks that my body was physically acting out. So I followed her advice and so far I have been denied unemployment two times. The first appeal I was denied because the letter was postmarked one day late. I just sent in my second appeal so please keep your fingers crossed.
      My husband was approved to get a medical card while I am at work and they said that as soon as I get back to work they will take it away. He needs so much done in the next two months its not even funny. He will be getting all of his teeth pulled and dentures, he needs surgery on his wrist and he will be having an upper GI to probably stretch his esophagus and to take out any polyps that he might have. He has not been able to eat a full meal in months without cramping and hiccups. I have put in over 30 resumes in the past two and so far I have only heard from an insurance company. Part of the reason I was so stressed at my last job was because I had to learn and study for a real estate test. The big I am not kidding you was about 5 bibles thick. On top of my college homework and studying, it just really stressed me out.
     My new granddaughter Mia is doing good. She just turned two months old on the 12th. She is very spoiled my daughter holds her way to much so now she will not nap unless she is in her mothers arms. Things have been tense on the home-front. Having my daughter, her boyfriend and the baby here is nice but it also is very stressful. My daughter has always been on the lazy side and well since she has had the baby it is worse. I hope one of these days things turn around, I am just tired and some days I just want to give up.