Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Pickle

We had Delilah’s 1st birthday party this weekend. She had a great time. I will post about it tomorrow.

Right now I am sleepy and heading to bed. Working 8am to 9pm tomorrow is gonna suck.

I leave you with a pic of the birthday girl.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Its a girl

My daughter is on her way back from her 4D sonogram and its a girl. I am very excited to have another granddaughter. We are surrounded by girls.  I still have not told my father about this pregnancy , I am terrified. I am not the happiest in the world about it but being negative is not going to make it go away. I might as well embrace it and think of it as everything happens for a reason. My step daughter is also pregnant and is having a boy, its sad that she and I do not have the close relationship we once did. My week went by way to fast. Took a few days off but did not get anything accomplished that I wanted to. Today my goal is to at least get all the laundry done and put away. I need a cleaning fairy, betwen work and school the house is the last thing on my mind.
The new puppy has taught Maggie how to tear up stuff. Maggie  used to be a good dog who never chewed up anything,. Now its like they have a competition to see who tears up the most stuff in a day.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Blogging Communites

I have been reading a few different sites that help not only build readership but help you become a better writer. Being a better writer will want people to come back. So there is a few that I really liked so far, The Lady Blogger Society is one and the other is The Sits Girls.
I can not wait to really get involved and learn some new things about writing and blogging. I really want to be more active in the blogging community. If anyone has any suggestions on how I can be better, I am very open to suggestions. More to come later......

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hello Kitty Speakers

My mom actually found these speakers and with my love for Hello Kitty, I gotta have them. I also want the pink computer case and mouse and keyboard.

So cute  

This is on my Christmas list 
sad that a 35 year old loves pink so much lol

Off to run to the store, watch the race and do my midterms.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bad Bad Me

Delilah's first Halloween
I know its been forever since I last posted. I am really going to try and change that. I mean I spend an enormous amount of time on the internet when I am doing school work. Five minutes out of my Farmville, umm I mean school work wont hurt me ..Right? Honestly I see stuff all the time, I would love to share with my readers. Well actually 1 reader but whose counting. I know I wont get any followers if I don't post. Nothing that new here, my job is going well. School is going. I still have a 3.8 GPA but I am tired. I have lost most of that OMG, I'm a college student high. It could also have something to do with the fact that I am working 10 to 12 hour days and when I get home all I can think about it my bed. I did go to my boss and ask to be put back on 8 hour days for my sanity. Things around here have been stressed to say the least. Money is tight, It always has been but I am trying to dig us out of the hole from being out of work for as long as I was. My electric bill is sky high and they do not negotiate much in terms of payment arrangements. Why would they, they know there is no where else to get electric from around here. This is the first year ever that I am not sure if we are having Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas, the thought of it brings me to tears.
My house looks like a tornado has come through it. This more than anything upsets me. I can deal with money issues but I hate coming home at night to what I have been. The new puppy is destructive, I know need to replace my couch as well as fix a wall. Oh and steam clean the carpets. The rest of the mess is just  my kids being lazy. They are not little anymore, and there is no excuse for it. Yes, I leave messes in my room but the one thing I can say is, I do not bitch much about their space. If they wanna sleep in a gross room than so be it.
On a brighter note, my granddaughter will be one in about a week. Man where has the time gone. She is very independent and has been walking for 3 months already. She has her mother and fathers temper and already acts like them lol. I went with them trick or treating and she was so much fun. I think I have mentioned it before but my other daughter is pregnant as well. This brings me to a whole other set of emotions and anxiety, but I will save that for another day.
Today is the day of my step-daughters baby shower. I am not going. The girls did decide to go. This was supposed to be a happy day for me but instead I am sad. Sad that her mother is now her biggest supporter, where was she her whole life? Sad that I was not asked to help with the baby shower and sad that she never comes around anymore. On top of the anger I have been feeling towards her to things she said when her dad and I were separated. Maybe I am being selfish, but this how I feel.

Our new puppy Molly taking a ride with Daddy
The new grandbaby I call it Noodle.
                                       Our new puppy Molly going for a ride with daddy!
Mimi's Girl
Lets go Trick or Treating !!