Sunday, November 20, 2011

What is the happiest moment in my life thus far?

Mia's Fall pictures

Mia and Mimi on Halloween

Delilah and Mimi

My girls
I have decided to start using some writing prompts to help me with this blog. I know that I am not the best writer and I sometimes just don't know what to say here. To be honest a lot of the things I want to share lately is just negative and I am trying very hard to stay positive and happy. So thanks to NaBloPoMo Writing Prompts I have my post for the day. There have been many happy days in my life but some are equally the happiest.  The days that my three children were born, the day that I remarried my husband and most recently the days that  my grandchildren were born.  As I am sitting here typing Delilah is happily playing on the floor near me. I love to hear her giggles, all the things she is discovering for the first time and the gibberish that she has been speaking lately. My other granddaughter Mia who no longer lives with me but makes me so happy when I see her. Her bright blue eyes, her wide smile and her easy disposition. She is loved at first site by everyone who meets her. Right now my life is not easy but these little girls brighten up my days. 


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