Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A year in review sorta

2010 has by far been a horrible year in so many ways. There were good things that happened don’t get me wrong, but the bad out weighed the bad. I have been blessed with a beautiful granddaughter. What a personality that she already has already. This year I went back to school and while it has been challenging and some days sucks, I do like it. It  makes me proud of myself. I have been getting for the most part good grades. I never got grades like this while I was in high school. Troy and I got remarried this year with our kids there with us. For most of 2010, I was unemployed and I did finally get a job in September. I like my job and all that I am learning. Though I can say all the things I need to study for work to pass my state and federal tests, is very hard on top of my regular school things. The biggest issue this year of course was money. After not working for so long it is taking a while to dig out of the hole. Every time I think it is getting better something goes wrong. This month alone, my blazer needed over a thousand dollars worth of work done to it, my furnace has broken down two times and so many other things. I have faith that 2011 is going to be a better year. If I have to I will get a second job and I will get my motivation back for school. I have to get myself out of this funk and realize all of the beautiful things in this life. The little things I take for granted. My kids are healthy and no matter what I love them. I have a roof over my head and I do have a  job that I like. I have a great husband that no matter how much he frustrates me sometimes, we are good together. I have an amazing grandbaby and two more on the way.
Sometimes I wish I could go back to the simple days. The days where Troy was still healthy and I was able to stay home with the kids. We did not have much but we also did not have many bills.
Anyway enough moaning. I had off today and slept in a bit. I than took Tori and Delilah to work with me for my cookie exchange. Ive never done one before but what a great idea. Since I work in a small office I only had to make 8 dozen cookies and came home with 8 dozen different kinds. My favorites were the snicker-doodles and the potato candy. Two more days of work and than off for three. Even though I can not get much for the kids, I love my family and being with them is worth more than anything else.


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