Sunday, September 5, 2010

I do

On Friday, I remarried my best friend. We had a very small, very relaxed wedding with just us and the kids. I did not tell anyone but my closet friends that we were even planning on doing it. Simply because I know everyone has thier opionisn about our relationship. Quite frankly I did not want to hear anything negative. I wanted to do what I wanted to make me happy. I did get one negative thing of course from my mother. She text me and said "Did you do it yet, cause if not its not to late to change your mind". I told her yes we just had  and I have not heard from her since. The relationship with my mother and I to be  honest is not a simple one. Maybe one day I will forgive and forget the past. The weekend has been nice, Troy and I have just been relaxing at home. We are planning a short honey moon after I start working and things are a little better for us financially. I got both of my assignements for school done today. I knew that going back to school was not going to be easy, but its getting really hard and I am doubting my abiltity to keep up. So far  my grades are good but I can tell that is going to change in the next couple of weeks.

The granddaughter is spending the night, I just gave her a bath and she is already passed out. My wonderful daughter made us dinner. Summer spaghetti and Italian bread and for desert she made strawberry cupcakes and wow , was that good. She is even in the kitchen cleaning up. I wonder what she wants. She has already given me the bad news a couple of weeks ago, I can now handle anything. Well I off to try and read some for school. I hope everyone has a great Labor Day.

                      We are such opposite, I love to dress up and he loves his jeans.

                                         Getting ready to put the ring on my finger.
                                                              Smoochies :)
                                                      My beautiful family
                                                  Pappy and Grandma with Pickle


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