Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Writing and such

I have been following a few blogs for what seems like forever. I only wish I could be witty, sarcastic or funny. Sadly my writing is kind of boring. In school I am in my first Comp class and unfortunately it is not really teaching me how to interesting. Yes, I am writing this for me but it would be nice to get a comment now and then.

Today was uneventful for the most part, I haven't really felt myself for the last couple of days. I am stressed out and the news I got is not making it any better. I realized tonight , it is never a good idea for me to take four days off of school. I logged on tonight and had over 100 posts to read in each class on top of my work and reading. This is the last week for this semester and I have a final to do at some point. Everyone told me that doing classes online was going to be so hard but to be honest I have really enjoyed it so far. I am averaging a 4.0 GPA . I keep saying WOW to myself because I sucked as a high school student. I could have cared less about school. I guess knowing that I will be paying for it makes all the difference.

I made breakfast for dinner tonight. The fam loves when I do this. We had bacon, eggs, sausage and french toast. Unfortunately my stomach has been killing me and I did not eat much. I am super tired tonight so I am off to dreamland......night night


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