Friday, August 6, 2010

So not looking forward to this

So about a year and a half ago I had skin cancer. Yes, I spent lots of years going to tanning beds and laying out in the sun. You would think that my skin cancer would of been in a place that the sun actually touched but no,leave it to me to get skin cancer in the weirdest of places. I had mine where a woman get an episiotomy when in child birth. For about two years I was misdiagnosed. One gyno said that it was a skin condition and loaded me up on creams and steroids. After about eight months I went to another doctor whos first words were , " You have herpes". To say I was livid is an understatement. He than tested me and realized I did not have that. Ummm Yeah, one little sore is not herpes, I looked it up. After a few more visits, I decided to dump him too. A friend than told me about her doctor, she said that he was amazing and to be honest he is. He hit the nail on the head on my first visit. He looked up at me , while looking and said I am not trying to scare you but we need to get this biopsied right away. He said he was 99% sure it was cancer. I was so scared and upset, I went back to work but was so shaken that they sent me home. The next day the doctor called personally and told me that what he thought was correct. He did tell me the type I had was common and that I needed to have surgery and as long as the cancer was not in my lymph nodes than I did not need any other treatment. He sent me to one of the best woman's cancer doctors in the area and I can honestly say those two doctors are the best doctors out there. Surgery went great and I did not have it in my lymph nodes though I was told I still had pre -cancerous cells in that area and I needed to be watched closely. It was a horrible recovery. Because of where it was mainly. My body rejected the stitches, I was only supposed to be out of work a week and it turned into 6 weeks. I had to go to a injury center every week to get packaged so to speak, I could hardly walk and my time at home was spent in bed with a fan blowing there. My son would knock on my bedroom door and say " Mom, cover your hoho I am coming in". At the same time my husband and I were going through the roughest part in our relationship. So I was going through this with no one really to lean on emotionally. Last June I l was laid off from my job and lost my insurance and I know it was horrible but I just haven't been back for my follow up appointments. Last week I received a letter from Dr. Rosenshein that stated that he was concerned that I have not been back and that it was very important I come in as soon as possible. I called the office and explained that I have not been working and Troy is only doing what he can, he is not supposed to work because of his health. They called me back the next day and the doctor lowered his doctor visit by 100.00 for me. I started to cry. I have basically labeled doctors as not caring and money grubbing and wow did his doctor prove me wrong. So tomorrow is the day, Tori is going to go with me and take me to breakfast afterward. I am scared to death to say the least. A million thoughts keep going through my mind, What if the cancer is back? What if I would need treatment this time? We are already struggling. I am trying to remain positive but sometimes it is so hard for me. If anyone lives in the MD, WV, VA area and needs a woman's cancer doctor I highly recommend Dr. Neil B. Rosenshein . He works out of Baltimore Md and Hagerstown MD. Well I am off to bed, night night. Wish me luck ......


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