Saturday, August 21, 2010


I have never claimed to be a great mother. Believe me, I know I am not. I will say the one thing that totally drives me nuts is parents who do not watch their children. I had company tonight and they had their three children with them. We cooked on the grill, it would have been nice had I not been doing everything for the kids. I got the plates of food ready, kept checking on them in the house and cleaned up after them when they were done. Billy did a really good job keeping them busy. Though when they left he sighed a huge sigh of relief. My girls were a year and a month apart and I am not lying when I say they were a handful to go anywhere with. The one thing I always made sure I did was to know what they were doing, where they were and got them everything they needed when we went visiting. Maybe things have changed, my kids are older and many of my friends children are little. I am not even sure I had the right to get frustrated over this. Maybe I am just overly tired today. 

On another note, I was supposed to go to a friends barbeque/birthday party for her daughter. Troy started to fix the roof on the building thinking it only needed to be patched up. Well....It ended up needing to be totally replaced. Ended up having to go to Lowes and we did not get done until 6. I did not have to do much to help other than get the big boards up to him and whatever else he needed while he was up there. With his knees and back the way they are, I did not want him to have to keep going up and down the ladder. I know she is upset with me, but by the time we got done I was so tired and our friends said they were gonna stop over and eat with us. I am sure she thinks I just blew her off when in actuality I did not at all. The more I try to explain myself, the more I just look like a jerk. So I said I was sorry, could tell by her respose she was not happy. I guess she will get over it....Who  knows anymore. 

I am off to bed. I have two assignments, a chapter to read and notes to take tomoroww that on top of laundry...YAY me.....



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